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More updates

I'm mad at myself for rushing to get the webpages up and not making them as coherent as they should be. Expect an outline timeline in the near future spelling out dates and times of specific occurences. In the meantime, please, ask about anything that seems unclear. Most of this stuff is so vivid in my mind, that I forget it hasn't all made it out into visible form.

For clarification:
1998 - The Shadow Curtain falls, Shadow and magic start to bleed back into reality
11 September 2001 - Terrorist attacks on WTC and US Pentagon building
August 2003 - Northeast US blackout, crime is unusually low
mid/late October 2003 - Terrorist attack on a bus of school children in the Middle East
31 October 2003 - Night of Blood, Arcadia opens, mass assassination of world leaders
mid-November 2003 - The Children of Gaia have dealt with Silent Strike and Unicorn has abandoned her tribe. The Chiildren of Gaia disband and seek refuge among the other tribes. The Fianna start their exodus to Faerie
January 2004 - The garou factions are fairly well coalesced. Dick Cheney gives the State of the Union address, announces he does not intend to seek the Republican candidacy
early 2004 - Jeb Bush becomes the Republican Presidential candidate, Cheney is VP nominee
mid-2004 - The Stargazers admit defeat in their attempts to unify the Garou Nation and accept a place in the Beast Courts of the Emerald Mother
early October 2004 - Dick Cheney undergoes heart surgery
1 November 2004 - the gates of Arcadia swing shut, trapping any remaining fae on earth and aging them. No Changelings emerge from Chrysalis from this point onward.
November 2004 - Election Day, Jeb Bush elected President of the US
November 2008 - Bush wins reelection
early 2009 - ANWR opens for drilling, the Red Talons start their mini-Impergium and then retreat to the depths of Shadow, leaving the Garou Nation short another tribe
over the next 9 years or so, the various supernatural races start to gain varying degrees of acceptance

present year: I haven't finalized the current year for the game, but I'm thinking on the order of spring 2018, which would put us midway between elections, so I don't really have to deal with that. The alternative is to go ahead with 2020 and say the new President, whomever that happens to be, has just been sworn in.

Questions, comments, suggestions?

Oh yeah, updates have been made to the house rules page:

some clarifications in the general section: Lores are not secondary abilities, my bad. They cost just as much as regular abilities, but feel free to put points in them if you can justify it. Don't forget your free Lore points, if you get any. Revised the splitting dice pools section to more properly read "Multiple actions' since you don't really split die pools in this system.

Garou: added a note on Fetishes, with a reference to it in the Fera section as well. Basically, spend an extra background point to make your Fetish sentient, or at least awake. Added a note on Rage, with no definitive decisions.

Fae: added a bunch of stuff based on info world_dancer sent me. Consequences for Geas of the Word have been better clarified. Immortality is more so. (Where in Werewolf is the True Immortal Merit?) The Fae are once again baby-snatchers, so watch your kids. Birthrights: Fae may take an extra birthright by kith, provided I approve it. I will make a short list for world_dancer of potentials based on the information I was sent, once the character dilemma is settled.

Mortals (I need to stop calling them that, since humans aren't the only mortals): added Grace Under Fire as a Numina-affecting Merit

There may be additional changes to come.
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