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More character questions

These are geared mostly towards Amos and Emmaline, since I know the answers for Arlen:

  • Has the character ever killed before?
  • If yes, was it an animal, a human, a supernatural creature or a spirit/chimerical being? Or a combination of those choices?
  • If yes, how did the character feel afterwards?
  • Either way, how does the character feel about killing?
  • How does the character feel about killing sentient beings?

These are for all three players:

Everyone has some sort of code of conduct, regardless of whether they view themselves as honourable or despicable or somewhere in between.

  • What are some of the things that, according to the character, You Just Don't Do?
  • What are some of the things that we, as players, might find morally objectionable, but that the character might do without hesitation?

Answers to all the points above do not need to be provided to me, but should be given some consideration. If you want to send me answers, that's cool. Either here or in email.

As an update: I have received character backgrounds for Amos and Emmaline. Arlen's background is mostly worked out and I am waiting for a compilation of what's been discussed to be sent to me. I have received a character sheet for Emmaline (it still had some points to be bandied about, so I'd like a revision when it's settled); I need a finalized character sheet for Amos; Arlen also has some points to toss about.

That's all for now.
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