EAS (1000_cat_dream) wrote in world_of_shadow,

Can this bird fly?

Okay, I'd like to start the process of getting this game off the ground. To do that, I want to run some individual chat sessions to work out some background details that didn't come out in some of the character histories and get into preludes. Since all the characters are such disparate personalities and "species," I'll need to do some (hopefully not heavy-handed) Storyteller maneuvering to get everyone to the same lcoale. It's not like I can even run the classic opening tavern scene, since only one of the characters can legally enter a bar. I also cannot think of any single one venue where all the characters might happen to gather, coincidentally or otherwise. So, preludes will be necessary to get everyone together so we can run our first group chat session and have everyone be able to participate.

I need everyone to let me know when they can be available for a chat. And if you're either of the two Bethelites, let me know whether you're sending me times in your time zone or mine (we're three hours different now).

And I still need character blurbs from some folks.

Questions, comments and feedback on the setting and rules changes have been underwhelming at best, but I have gotten some good character dialogue going recently. The preliminary chats would be a good time to settle any uncertainties regarding mechanics of game play or nuances of setting. For those long-time White Wolf gamers, remember that there are lots of changes both in terms of mechanics and flavour.

That's all for now; let's see if we can't bring this thing together.
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